Recycled plastics become asset to community

The EPA says less than 10 percent of all plastics get recycled so a South Bend businesswoman is doing something about it.

Instead of  sitting in a landfill, these recycled plastics will become a place for sitting.

"When you recycle plastic bottles and you have the lids on it they actually go in the landfill. They don't get recycled," said Candy Samuels.

Samuels is trying to gather plastic bottle caps that will get a new life in the form of a recycled park bench outside her store on Mishawaka Avenue.

"This is a way to keep them out of the landfills," said Samuels.

So far she has collected 150 pounds but she is trying to get 400 pounds of the small little caps.

If you'd like to help put a recycled bench up in our community start collecting. Samuels says she'll take anything.

"Any plastic lids, not the bottles, just the lids, and the little rings if they want to take the time to take them off," said Samuels.
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