Regional show ski competition brings money to Warsaw

NOW: Regional show ski competition brings money to Warsaw

WARSAW, Ind. --- Flooding in Illinois caused a region-wide show skiing contest to move to a Warsaw lake.

Skiiers said close to 2,000 fans will come to the 2018 Central Region Show Ski Tournament at Hidden Lake starting at 8 a.m. on Saturday.

 “Imagine a lake day out there with all your best friends and you’re just getting to ski behind a boat with your best friends for an hour out there on the water,” said Brian Midlik, Chippewa Wonder Lake skier. “That’s the best feeling you could get you could as for”

The tournament was original set to take place in Rock River, Illinois. However, event organizers said the waters were too dangerous for skiers to compete.

On Monday, they changed the venue for the tournament to Warsaw.

“It’s a sport, if people get involved in it it’s the whole family,” said Chuck McLaughlin, vice president of the Lake City Skiers. “It’s not just one individual it’s the whole family could be involved in it.”

McLaughlin said during the tournament, fans will bring about $200,000 to the community.

 “Everybody that comes to the show,” he said. “A lot of people that have never heard of us say, ‘Wow, it’s my first time out here I’ll definitely be back I loved it.’”

Teams competing include: Lake City, Silver Lake, Ski Broncs, Chippewa, Wonder Lake, Arch Rivals, and Backwater Gamblers.

Individual competitions start at 8 a.m. on Saturday, July 14. Teams will finish competing on Sunday, July 15.

This tournament is free to the public.

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