Rep. Upton shares thoughts on Afghanistan evacuation ahead of 9/11

NOW: Rep. Upton shares thoughts on Afghanistan evacuation ahead of 9/11

BENTON HARBOR, Mich. -- Various Berrien County public safety officers met Friday to remember their fellow first responders who died as a result of 9/11.

It included the Benton Harbor and St. Joseph departments of public safety the Berrien County Sheriff’s Office, Michigan State Police and both the St. Joseph Township and Benton Township police and fire departments.

All said that regardless of if you were a first responder in New York, Virginia or Pennsylvania – it’s a fraternity – and you feel the weight events like 9/11 have on your fellow officers. 

State Sen. Kim Lasata, City Commissioner Ron Singleton, St. Joseph Mayor Mike Garey and Congressman Fred Upton also made remarks.

Upton was actually at the Pentagon that day, in New York City just days later and even visited Kabul, Afghanistan a few years ago to meet with their newly established government. 

He says the recent fall of Afghanistan adds some extra sadness this year. 

“We shouldn’t have left so many people there, in my office alone, we’re dealing with 600 Afghan nationals who are family members of or direct help to our troops who were there these last 20 years, we’re having real difficulty getting them out,” said Rep. Upton. “We’re getting emails and phone calls saying ‘I’m still alive,’ and if only we could have this go under different circumstances I think we’d feel a lot better particularly as we reflect on the last 20 years.” 

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