Roseland calls on South Bend to close COVID-19 quarantine facility by June 13

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind.—The Town of Roseland on Monday called on the city of South Bend to begin closing down the COVID-19 quarantine facility.

Town officials want the quarantine facility at Roseland's Motel 6 closed by June 13, the day that the city of South Bend’s license expires.

In their press release, Roseland officials said that the number of guests housed inside of the quarantine facility have fallen to its lowest number since April.

Roseland officials are asking that South Bend respond to their request by June 4 as well as come up with a plan to safely discharge remaining patients.

The city of South Bend leased the Motel 6 in Roseland in April so that people experiencing homelessness who had tested positive for COVID-19 could isolate themselves. 

The Board of Public Works approved $270,000 to lease the 82-room motel.

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