SBPD Citizen's Police Academy fosters a spirit of unity among residents and officers

NOW: SBPD Citizen’s Police Academy fosters a spirit of unity among residents and officers

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The 2021 Citizen’s Police Academy is open for enrollment. Community members can participate in a 9- week course at the South Bend Police Department. The course includes hands on demonstration from K-9, SWAT and the bomb unit, crime scene processing, shoot don’t shoot simulation, gun violence intervention, narcotics enforcement, patrol operations and more!

But maybe the most notable part of the curriculum? Graduates will know more about the men and women protecting the community and why they make the decisions they do. All of the lessons are taught by the officers themselves which open up the door to cultivate relationships and ultimately strengthen the South Bend community.

“Within the last 8 years that I have been involved, it has grown in size, and we have formed great relationships,” says Officer Keenan Lane. “Not only with those who originally supported officers but even those who had conflicts in the past with officers, and it helped open their eyes to how we do things. They have become partners with us and have helped us with situations throughout the city.”

The goal is to foster a spirit of unity among the city, residents, and police department. At a time when inaccuracies and rumors spread easily, the academy is an opportunity to hear a direct source of information.

Officers explains that it is these new, trusted relationships that play a pivotal role in the community and safety of South Bend.

“Based on a lot of the events that have happened not only nationally but locally the last year, year and a half, and a lot of the changes that we are having now, it is more important to me than ever to have people come to our academy to have a better understanding of how law enforcement works and how locally South Bend citizens can get to know better their officers and what we do,” says Officer Lane.  

Sign up for the 2021 Citizen’s Police Academy here.

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