SBPD officer set to compete in an international competition

NOW: SBPD officer set to compete in an international competition

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-The South Bend Police Department is about to get some worldwide attention. One officer will travel to Los Angeles to compete in an international competition.

Officer David Boutsomsy, better known as Bouts, will be representing the department, Indiana and the USA in the 2017 World Police and Fire Games.

The games feature more than 10,000 athletes competing from around 65 countries.

He will be competing in the 35 + men’s 83 kg (182 lb) weight class in the raw bench press competition.

Boutsomsy is a member of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #36 and an officer with the SPBD for about a year. He is currently assigned to work the midnight patrol shift.

FOP #36, World’s Gym and South Bend Uniform made it possible for officer Bouts to make the trip to Los Angeles.

“It’s an honor to represent SBPD and the community of South Bend,” Boutsomsy said.

Bouts is no stranger to competition. He is a member of the USA National Powerlifting Team, won a gold medal and asset an international record last year in Costa Rica.

He also holds the Indiana State Bench Press record.

“I’ve always been in fitness, I’ve always been in the weight room because I used to play football when I ran indoor and outdoor,” Bouts said. “But as far as competing and power lifting, it was introduced to me back in high school, but I never went forward with it,” Bouts said.

Although winning a gold medal would be ideal, Officer Boutsomsy says he hopes competing will help bring positive attention to the city and the work of his fellow officers.

Bouts departs for Los Angeles on Friday and is set to compete on Sunday, August 13th. You can watch the competition live HERE.

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