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Search continues for Timothy "Bulldog" Allen

BENTON HARBOR, Mich. – It’s been eleven long days since Timothy “Bulldog” Allen disappeared, and still, police, friends, and family have found no trace of him.

“We looked all around Benton Harbor, St. Joe,” Jeffery Allen said, “Alleyways, abandon houses, we looked everywhere.”  Jeffery, Bulldog’s brother said their search has been intense, but so far unsuccessful.

 “We still haven’t found him, we still haven’t seen him, we still haven’t heard nothing from him,” Jeffery said.  “…Still haven’t heard from anyone that says they have seen him since that night.”

On November 9th family members called 9-1-1, Bulldog was acting delusional and irrational; the 44-year-old had been suffering from seizures in recent months.

But when the ambulance took Bulldog to Lakeland Regional Medical Center in St. Joseph, he refused treatment and left. He was last seen that night by a St. Joe Police Officer; Bulldog was walking across the Napier Avenue Bridge, right next to the hospital.

“A man does not just vanish off the face of the earth,” Charon Allen said of her brother-in-law.

The Michigan State Police sent out a helicopter to search all the way from the bridge to the mouth of the St. Joseph River on Saturday. The Benton Harbor Police Department combed the route Bulldog would have taken home from the hospital.

“No clue, no tips, nothing,” Jeffery said.

At first, the family said they thought Bulldog had gotten lost, confused on his way home from the hospital, but now they’re not so sure.

“Maybe something was done to him,” Charon said she doesn’t want to make any accusations, but the family wants to see the dash camera video from the officer who last saw Bulldog.

“As time goes on, a lot of things have gone through our minds. We have to begin to look at all avenues,” Charon said.

Family and friends have started their own hunt, and have asked the community for help in finding Bulldog.

Each day, they meet at Broadway Park in Benton Harbor, hoping Bulldog will show up, “Cause he would be out here probably right now at this time,” Jeffrey said.

Family members say Bulldog has a cell phone, but they are not sure if he had it with him when he went to the hospital. According to phone records, Charon said no calls have been made on his phone. She said if Bulldog would not willingly leave town, and never without telling his 18-year-old daughter.

“Contacting her to let her know that her dad is…. her dad is okay,” Charon said as she wept.

The Allen family said they do still believe Bulldog is alive, but wherever he is, he doesn’t know how to get home. Which is why, they won’t give up until he is found.

“He knows we love him and the community loves him and we’re not going to stop looking for him until we find him,” Jeffery said.

Charon said that they’ve been looking tirelessly, but still have more ground to cover. But she said they need help, someone has to know something about his disappearance.

“If you have anything you can give us to bring closure to this situation please contact us, not tomorrow, but today.”

Anyone with any information should contact family members at (269)277-4341 or (269) 849-0438 or the Benton Harbor Police Department at (269) 927-8436.

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