Secret Santa spreads kindness in Sister Lakes

NOW: Secret Santa spreads kindness in Sister Lakes

SISTER LAKES, Mich. - A secret Santa is giving a little holiday cheer to people around the Sister Lakes area. She posts a picture to show where her gift will be hidden and anyone who recognizes the landmark can go to spot and pick up the gift for themselves or to give away.

ABC57 got the exclusive chance to speak to the woman behind the Sister Lakes secret Santa.

She didn't want to show her face but said this all started with wanting to give some extra things she had in her home to people who need them and what came next was unexpected.

Ronnie places a wrapped Christmas gift, takes a picture and posts it on the Sister Lakes Facebook page, without saying exactly where it is. And within a couple hours or even less it’s gone

“It was there 9 minutes before it was gone and the manager said there wasn’t even a car in the parking lot,” Ronnie, the secret Santa, said.

It started two weeks ago as a way to share with those in need.

“A very organic effort some un-given gifts and i wanted to put them into the hands of someone who would use them,” she said.

But she didn’t realize how much her generosity was going to grow.

“The community took it to such a different level,” she said.

With monetary and gift donations flooding in, one random act of kindness grew into a community-wide effort.

“It was across all economic levels. I know people donated to this who really couldn’t afford it but did it because they wanted to be a part of it,” she said.

“It’s speaks volumes about the community. The community is great.,” Brandon, Ronnie’s brother said.

Brandon said he’s not surprised his sister started this effort.

“We don’t come from a lot of money. We’re not rich but we do come from very loving families and for her to just do what she is doing is amazing, it’s simply amazing,” he said.

Some old-fashioned Christmas magic, that quickly caught on.

“I may have started this but i did not finish this. I finished this by all the people in this community that made it what it is,” Ronnie said.

It brought neighbors together.

What Ronnie wasn’t expecting was the response, especially when one woman walked up to her to say thank you.

“She cried when she met me and hugged me because she got one of my gifts and was able to give it to her daughter,” Ronnie said.

It’s these moments that really warm your heart. Ronnie said she will be doing this again next year in sister lakes and hopes other communities join in.

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