Smoky sunsets in Michiana

NOW: Smoky sunsets in Michiana

If you've been out and about during the middle of the day and looked up at the sky, you may have noticed a very hazy sky over the last several days. Smoke from the California wildfires has been spilling into our area over the past several day. That creates some fiery sunsets for our area! Take a look at this photo Meteorologist Tyler Sebree captured yesterday at sunset in New Buffalo! The smoke way up in the atmosphere created these beautiful red and orange sunsets, making the sun glow almost as it dips below the horizon. 

 Speaking of the smoke in the air, fires out west can actually create their own rain showers and storms. Through the exact same process, all of the smoke that streams into the air provides the seeds for clouds and rain drops, allowing showers and storms to form under the right conditions.

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