Solar panel keeps beer cold all year round

Carmella Mataloni

Lake Harmony (CNN/WNEP) -- Written on a sign for everyone to see, "We Cool Our Beer with the Sun."

The motto is trademarked here at Harmony Beverage in Lake Harmony, because the place uses solar panels to chill these brews.

"I think it's one of the smartest things I've ever done. It's the right thing to do, no doubt about it," said John McElroy, Harmony Beverage owner.

Managers tell us they have been using solar power for a few years.

The panels sit on an acre and a half of land behind the business.

Ever since the distributor started chilling beers with the solar panel system, owners have saved about $25,000 a year on electric bills.

"We cool our beer with the sun, how about that. We have 363 solar panels, we are rated at 100,000 kilowatts a year but we only produce about 30,000 kilowatts a year. The store uses about 100,000 kilowatts a year so, we have no electric bill here anymore," said McElroy.

And it's not just the managers who think the solar panels are a good thing. Customers like the idea, too.

"Well it's one of those dichotomies we have to live with, you want cold beer? Renewables are the future," said Dean Cronk, Pocono Lake.

Dean Cronk says if you can go green and save some green, it's a win, win.

"As far as Harmony Beverage using solar power, I think it's a great idea."


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