SBCC voted on the zoning of the Women's Care Center

NOW: SBCC voted on the zoning of the Women’s Care Center


The South Bend Common Council did not overturn Mayor Pete Buttigieg's veto of the zoning amendment for a property on Lincoln Way West at their meeting Monday evening.

The council previously voted in favor of a zoning amendment to allow the pro-life Women's Care Center to open on Lincolnway next to a proposed pro-choice Whole Woman's Health Alliance clinic.

Mayor Buttigieg vetoed the zoning amendment.

Because the ordinance is unchanged and the public discussion portion has passed, there will be no public input.

Click here to read the council's full release about overriding a veto.

South Bend Common Council voted on the rezoning Monday evening.

Two-thirds majority was needed for an override of the veto.

The Mayor's veto stands.

In a statement, Mayor Pete Buttigieg said, "I recognize that this is an issue on which good people have come to disagree, sometimes passionately. Now that the veto has been allowed to stand, our community can begin to move forward—hopefully in a constructive direction.We remain open to working with Women’s Care Center on a compromise solution using a more suitable site in the area.”

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