South Bend common council moves forward with gun resolution

NOW: South Bend common council moves forward with gun resolution


South Bend’s common council voted 7-2 Monday to send a message to lawmakers downstate.

They want them to consider what they’re calling “common sense gun laws.”

While every council member agreed it was necessary to open this dialog with state legislators, Councilmen David Varner and Oliver Davis preferred to postpone the vote in order to address concerns addressed by members of the public during the meeting.

“This gives them the chance to hear what the voice of South Bend is talking about,” said Davis.

Davis says he wants these conversations to be heard at the Statehouse.

They want lawmakers to tighten regulations on the sale of guns throughout the state.

It’s a conversation happening outside the council chambers as well.

“There are background check loopholes going on at the moment and private sales can go on without background checks,” said Kathy Schuth, executive director of the Near Northwest Neighborhood Association. “This can cause a lot of problems for increasing gun ownership.”

The Near Northwest Neighborhood has been a large advocate for the cause and hopes the resolution would finally give local concerns a statewide platform.

“This should be a conversation not an assumption either about gun rights restrictions about what is fair what is equitable what is working in other states,” said Schuth.

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