South Bend International kicks off new flight service with a celebration

NOW: South Bend International kicks off new flight service with a celebration

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Today June 14, The South Bend International Airport celebrated the addition of their new non-stop flight to Knoxville Tennessee. 

"So today is the inaugural flight to Knoxville, Tennessee on Allegiant Airlines. And what we're seeing is just a huge amount of people who are wanting to go down and enjoy what that region has to offer," says Mike Daigle, the CEO and Executive Director of South Bend International Airport.

This new flight will give travelers the option to fly directly between South Bend International and Mcghee Tyson Airport in Knoxville.

To celebrate the start of the new service, SBN celebrated in many fun ways!

"So, the water cannon is something that's been a tradition for a very, very long time at the nation's airports that helped celebrate the kickoff of new service. And so, we had our public safety staff out there this morning, preparing for that our first arrival from Knoxville, Tennessee, and it's just as a way to show welcome and for us to stay alive with the tradition."

They also had a gate party, a photo wall, and goodie bags for guests coming off of the plane.

"It was something else, I didn't realize this was the first flight, I was just happy when we seen it was close by," says passenger Lily Ellis.

South Bend International's four carriers now offer nonstop flights to 13 cities, some of those being Chicago, Atlanta, and Dallas. 

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