South Bend officials working to protect drinking water supply

NOW: South Bend officials working to protect drinking water supply


SOUTH BEND, Ind. — On Wednesday, a small group met in South Bend to imagine a day without the earth’s most essential element: water. 

It’s crucial part of daily survival that May might take for granted. 

“A great asset that we have in our country which is clean, safe drinking water,” said Al Greek, Director of Utilities for the City of South Bend. 

This “day without water” event here in South Bend coincided with President Donald Trump’s visit in Pittsburgh where he told the crowd the nation’s water is as clean as its been in decades. 

“I’m proud that today the United States  is among the very cleanest air and running water on earth anywhere on earth,” said Greek. 

According to a 2018 city report, South Bend’s drinking water meets all state and federal water quality standards. Greek said his department tests daily to maintain what he calls and abundance of clean, safe drinking water. 

“Even this region we have an abundance of it other regions in America don’t,” said Greek. 

Other regions, that aren’t too far from Michiana, like Flint. In 2015, the environmental protection agency found in Flint dangerous levels of lead in the water at residents’ homes. 

The City of South Bend continues to test for lead contamination through lead testing events and a wellhead protection plan. Greek said the plan will protect the eight well fields in the city, used for the community’s water supply, from contamination. 

“We trying to bring where those are so we can actually have special care be given to those areas in the city,” said Greek. 

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