South Bend School Corporation hosts annual showcase

NOW: South Bend School Corporation hosts annual showcase

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- South Bend School Corporation gave prospective parents an opportunity to learn more about the district through its annual showcase Thursday night. The corporation which has been trying to maintain enrollment numbers provided parents with details on academics, magnet programs, and extracurriculars.

“You know they started with like 15 students now they have 55. So I’m just imagining like when my son goes in there like how many people are actually gonna be there," said Victor Santos, a parent.

Santos attended the showcase because he's already thinking about high school for his son. While that's still two years away, he came out to learn more about the magnet and dual enrollment programs. Both are unique to the district.

“At adams, he even talked to a student. So that even got his eyes like oh he’s doing it. You know they started talking about math and what classes to take and what he should do now to prepare him for when he does go to high school," said Santos.

The annual showcase which featured schools from pre-k to twelfth grade allowed parents to speak with teachers and counselors to find what programs are the best fit for their child.

“We hope that parents see the options they have and that we are committed to literacy. We are committed to making sure every single student learns and we’re committed to making sure that we’re offering enrichment programs," said Dr. Todd Cummings, Superintendent.

According to the district, they had a total of 16,000 students enrolled last year.

In order to remain competitive with other neighboring school options, Cummings says they’ve been creating options like their "Earn and Learn" program to keep class sizes low and gain back some of those students lost to virtual learning last year.

“It’s college readiness. It’s automotive and it’s welding and it’s military options and we just want to make sure that we’re getting the word out," said Cummings.

Enrollment has been open since November 1st. You can register or learn more here.

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