South Bend tests new technology to assess road conditions

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- 

The city of South Bend is testing a new road assessment technology called RoadBotics in hopes it will be able to easier spot the roads most in need of construction. 

"It's part of the city's theme to be a beta test city for new products, new technology," said Deputy Director of Public Works Jitin Kain. 

The data is collected for RoadBotics by cell phone video captured from a standard car driving the road. This could save manpower for the city. The city currently uses a PASER rating system, sending multiple crews out to visually assess the roads. 

"This is similar to what we do, it just creates more effeciency in how the analysis of road conditions is done, manually versus using technology," said Kain.

RoadBotics just finished conducting video of 100 miles of roads in the Southeast part of the city. 

"If it's shown that their assessment is pretty comparable or better than what we do then certainly we look forward to looking at ways to expand this city wide," he said. 

Kain says it should be a few weeks before the assessment is ready. 

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