Southwest Michigan residents voice concerns at town hall meeting

Michigan Representative Al Pscholka held a town hall meeting in Stevensville Tuesday night to connect with the community.

The event was held at the Lincoln Charter Township Hall and included what Pscholka calls “budget boot camp.”

He also discussed other state concerns and provided updates on recent legislative work.

Many residents spoke about the conditions of the roads and the funding to fix them.

“Everybody agreed we have to fix the roads but how we do it is where we had a lot of different opinions. Right now we’re at a little bit of a standstill. The senate’s passed a bill, the house has passed a bill. We’re looking for some sort of compromise in between,” said Pscholka.

Although compromise is the goal, it may not be easy for some of the locals.

But Pscholka believes different opinions are all part of the process.

“What you saw today was kind of democracy at its best. You saw about 100 people all pack a room, lots of different issues, lots of different debates. It’s good for me to listen and learn from my constituents and those are things I’ll take back to Lansing,” said Pscholka.

Pscholka says he plans to continue to have discussions like this with the community to keep those lines of communication open.

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