Sports betting kicks off before Sunday’s big game

MICHIGAN CITY, Ind. - Right now sports betting is legal in Indiana and folks are coming from all over Michiana to the Blue Chip Casino to bet on their favorite team in the big game this Sunday.

It’s the first time many in Michiana are being able to place a bet for the game on Sunday and it’s as easy as a $5 bill - the minimum bet you can place on your favorite team or player.

“I’m here to bet on the Superbowl and some college basketball today,” Braydon Laframboise said.

Sports bettors from all over the area are coming to the Blue Chip Casino to place their bets for the big game on Sunday.

“We’re from Michigan so we have to come all the way down to Indiana. It got passed in Michigan so they are hoping to have it up by march madness so hopefully, we won’t have to come all this way anymore,” Laframboise said.

Sports betting became legal in Indiana last year. Blue Chip Casino is the only casino in the Michiana area to have sports betting.

“The fan dual sportsbook has been a great partner to us here at Blue Chip. We opened it in September,” Brenda Temple, Vice President and General Manager of Blue Chip said.

Tons of people have come through the doors.

“Ever since then we have had a lot of volumes, a new guest that we’ve seen here at the blue-chip,” Temple said.

With the legalization of sports betting, the casino says that they have not only attracted new customers, but they have also changed the way they do business.

For example, the nightclub at Blue Chip was recently converted into a sports betting lounge where people can place bets on games.

“People — if they watch it at home, if they come in here — they get to see the excitement and energy of the competition and everybody that’s rooting for a different team and the energy that’s generated from not only here in the Fanduel Sportsbook but our adjoining sports bar The Game," Temple said.

If you want to bet on the big game, all you have to do is either download the Fan Dual Sportsbook app, bet on the teams, players or even prop bets like the color of the Gatorade. The minimum bet is $5. You can also go to the Blue Chip Casino and hand your money over there.

You can place bets or just enjoy the game.

“We really expect both the game, which is our sports bar that joins our Fan Dual Sportsbook and the Fan Dual Sportsbook to be elbow to elbow in here,” Temple said.

“Go Patrick Mahomes! Over 3 touchdown passes,” Laframboise said.

Right now there is a $500 risk-free bet in the Fan Dual app meaning if you bet up to $500 on the Kansas City Chiefs and they end up losing, you can get that money back so you still have a chance to start sports betting without the risk.

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