Spring blizzard buries the Plains in feet of snow

NOW: Spring blizzard buries the Plains in feet of snow

A strong storm system is pushing across the country, and it will bring warm temperatures and the chance for storms to Michiana. We are lucky that we don't have any snow in our forecast, but those who live in the northern Plains do not have such luck. Spring blizzards are not uncommon for the northern Plains. In fact, there was a blizzard April 13th of 2018. However, it can still be a bit of a shock, when temperatures are in the 70s one day, and eighteen inches of snow are falling one week later.

Snow and mix started falling in Wyoming and Montana on Tuesday night. Heavy snow started falling in northwest South Dakota on Wednesday, with snow totals already exceeding a foot by Wednesday afternoon.

Preliminary snowfall reports through Wednesday afternoon. NWS

The winter storm is going to keep blizzard conditions hovering over South Dakota and Nebraska on Thursday, and the snow will spread to Minnesota through Friday midday. 

The system will move off to Canada by Friday midday, which should help anyone with travel plans for the weekend.

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