St. Margaret's House celebrates 25 years of service

Saint Margaret's house is celebrating 25 years of giving back to the community of South Bend at the same time they are celebrating their Executive Director getting a big honor from the Episcopal Church of Northern Indiana.

Kathy Schneider, the Executive Director, said "inspired group of individuals, volunteers, and donors have come together to do great things for the women and children of this community."

And one of those inspired individuals is Schneider herself.

After serving St. Margaret's House for many years, the Bishop of the Episcopal Church of Northern Indiana has designated her as a Canon. 

Schneider is not Episcopal or Clergy, so it's an honorary title to recognize people who  have served the church well.

She said she's honored by the award and looking forward to many more years of serving the women and children of St. Joseph County. 

"We just keep trying to keep doing our work and live the best life that we can and again I'm just humbled and honored by it."
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