Starke county celebrates national adoption month

NOW: Starke county celebrates national adoption month

STARKE COUNTY, Ind.-- Indiana has been celebrating National Adoption Month county by county by processing hundreds of adoptions right before the holidays.

Starke County held their own proceedings and processed 4 new adoptions while also, celebrating a family who was cemented together by an adoption over a year ago.

The Hodge Family added their newest member, 17-year-old Paige, just over a year ago. Hannah Hodge and her family brought Paige and her 4-year-old son Oakley in after a tumultuous span of time. The two endured over 11 foster homes and getting herself and her two younger sisters out of a bad home environment and into new, loving families.

But through the darkness Paige and Oakley made it into the light and are now, officially "Hodge's". They two visited the very courtroom that solidified their family Friday and shared their adoption journey to the full courtroom in attendance. 

Paige says that she was overjoyed to share this story on a day where 4 new families were completed after the adoption of Ty, Elizabeth, Mira, and Ryland. 

Inside the courtroom, four families were sworn in and questioned by DCS and other court appointed helpers on their bond with the child, if they are prepared to fill the position of a biological parent, and if they will love and care for the child. 

Filled with tears, happiness, and lots of hugging the families were united, officially by the State of Indiana. 

And while this day celebrated the new forever families, DCS and Starke County CASA wanted the day to serve as a reminder that there is a huge need for adoptive and foster parents. The Hodge family wanted to tell anyone considering adopting or fostering a child to go for it, because it could save a life and enhance your own. 

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