Store Closures at University Park Mall shrinking store selections

NOW: Store Closures at University Park Mall shrinking store selections


MISHAWAKA, Ind--- Women's clothing retailer Charlotte Russe is closing down all of its stores and everything must go.

The signs on the ceiling are up and they speak clearly; everything must go.

That includes everything inside the women's clothing store even the employees.

"Two days ago at 10 p.m."

That was when the supervisor of Charlotte Russe, Danielle Bures, found out that the store where she has been working for the past year will be closing down.

"I nearly cried, but I'm more angry about it than anything because I love working here," Bures said.

This is not the first store leaving the University Park Mall, according to Coresight Research a data-driven website that shows insights that help companies navigate the changing retail and technology landscape.

Gymboree filed for Chapter 11 protection. It plans to close 800 stores across the country.

Payless filed for bankruptcy and will close all of its 2,500 locations nationwide.

"The mall is elevating. 90% of shoppers shop in the store. Simon's performance has been excellent," said Les Morris, the Director of Corporate Public Relation with Simon Property Group.

As for the workers inside Charlotte Russe, they're still stunned at the sudden announcement.

"I don't feel like anybody has shown how upset they are. If we need a moment when we will go to the back, take one to our self cause it is upsetting," said Bures.

Workers say they don't know yet when the store will close.

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