Storm debris means good business for tree removal company

GRANGER, Ind.-- It's game time for those in the tree removal business. Many homeowners have no choice but to hire one of these companies for help with extensive storm debris.

Downed trees meet their demise inside this wood chipper. Right now crews are working around the clock to clean up debris.

"It took down five of our pine trees but they're about between forty and fifty feet tall," said Jill Reedstrom, homeowner with tree damage.

Now her trees are stumps, and its all thanks to one local tree expert.

"It can happen to anybody," said David Duncan, Custom and Moore Tree Experts Inc.

It even happened to him. A tree ripped apart, pulling his power lines to the ground. However, his own mess will have to wait-- he's too busy with other clients.

"[We prioritize trees] that fell on houses first," said Duncan. "We prioritize by who's got the worst problem."

Holes with water pouring in are also a top priority.

"One fell on the garage so there is two or three holes on the garage roof also," said Reedstrom.

No matter the extent of the damage, it means business for Duncan and his workers.

"We don't wish a storm upon anybody, but it does cause us a hearty back-log that is welcomed," said Duncan.

A back-log he hopes will keep him busy until the next big storm rolls through.

"The last count is sixteen more that I need to see. I haven't even seen yet," said Duncan.

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