Storms rip through Berrien County


Berrien County got some of the worst damage from storms last night. There's no doubt going to be plenty of cleanup Monday morning.

Numerous trees and powerlines reported down across the county. John Beers Road and Marquette Woods Road were closed in the early evening for trees down.

Trees were down on a handful of homes near the Red Arrow Highway and John Beers Road. Nicki Andrews was one of the people with a tree on her home. She says it sounded like a tornado came through. “I thought it was a tornado or something it was so loud this big boom and i saw the clouds and the branches on the back deck.”

The roof of an abandoned vacation home near Challet on the Lake, a resort spot off Notre Dame Avenue was torn off. Nobody was inside at the time. Mollie Oshea, from Chicago, is vacationing for the week at the Challet. She also says it sounded devestating. “It sounded like a tornado, it really really did! We were eating dinner peacefully and all of a sudden the storms came and blew the wind. It was terrible.”

Late Sunday night people were already starting to cleanup. A farmer volunteered his tractor around 9 p.m. to move limbs off Notre Dame Avenue.

There are no reports of injuries Monday morning from the storms.  

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