Strikes & Spares in Mishawaka preparing to reopen

NOW: Strikes & Spares in Mishawaka preparing to reopen


MISHAWAKA, Ind. – Strikes & Spares in Mishawaka is preparing for a soft reopening on Sunday, which will exclusively host first responders and their families.

The reopening comes as renovations to the facility come to completion ahead of Strikes & Spares' 16th anniversary.

“We definitely want to honor and thank the first responders for all their hard work and putting their lives on the line,” Mario Teixeira said, the Operations Manager at Strikes & Spares. “And so we wanted to offer them with that free bowling promotion, and also kind of treat this as a soft opening, just to give our staff to better situate themselves in a custom themselves with these new procedures.”

Business will open to the entire public come Wednesday.

Included in the reopening will be a new concession stand, restaurant and the go-kart center.

Strikes & Spares says that strict social distancing and health guidelines will be enforced.

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