Students help boost LimeBike numbers

Notre Dame, Ind – The students are boosting the LimeBike numbers in South Bend.

Since students have returned to campus in September, LimeBike riders have jumped from 10,000 trips to 68,000 trips. Students accounted for about 54% of all rides.

That is also due in part to a partnership between The University of Notre Dame and LimeBike. In August, the Bike-share company added 175 bikes on campus.

Students, Faculty and Staff from Saint Mary’s, Holy Cross, Ivy Tech Community, Bethel College, Indiana University, and Notre Dame account for this increase!

The bikes can track that students are using the bikes because of their “.edu” email addresses.

LimeBike reports that the average trip for those riders is about five minutes, or about how long it takes to ride across the campus of Notre Dame.

“LimeBike has provided another method of transportation both on campus and in the community,” said Jessica Brookshire, associate director for Public Affairs at Notre Dame. “I have seen faculty, staff and students participating both for transportation as well as recreation.”

The University says the LimeBike rollout has not been without any issues. Riders have constantly left the bikes in spots for parking, or on lawns and sidewalks.

LimeBike is working on a solution to the problem.

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