Students move in and business booms

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- For those students heading back to campus this weekend or those that are already here, they will not only be buying books, they are spending money in other places, like shops and restaurants in Michiana.

This gives the town a huge profit boost, something businesses are excited about.

“Any money that I do actually spent is spent in the community,” says Ryan Gonzalez, a Senior at Notre Dame.

The freshman class is looking forward to exploring Michiana, especially South Bend, but most say they will stay very local, as in across the street to Eddy Street Commons for their shopping and dining.

“I will probably definitely be going around Eddy Street since it is in the only place in walking distance to buy clothing,” says Christina Sollitto, a Notre Dame Freshman.

“Students in general will go out, and Eddy Street is just a focal point,” says Matt Smyth, Notre Dame Sophomore.

Even older students choose to stay nearby. “I just bought something from Urban Outfitters, and now I am going to eat something right here on Eddy Street,” says Ryan Gonzalez.

While others will venture around Michiana. “Like we go to Uptown Kitchen and Granite City which are over in Mishawaka,” says Courtney White, Notre Dame Junior.

So what does this mean to Michiana? ABC 57 talked to local businesses to see how this affects them.

They say this is the best time of the year because their profits soar.

“I would say they double,” says Shelley Freitag, General Manager of O'Roukes.

“This time of the year is the best for us, it is definitely our moneymaker. So this is definitely our best time of the year,” says Steve Nebus, executive chef at The Mark.

Other businesses outside of South Bend say that this is also the best time of the year for them too.

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