Students of former Brandywine teacher charged with accosting a minor speak out

NILES, Mich.--- Former students of Patrick Stier, a former Brandywine teacher charged with accosting a minor and using a computer for a felony, are speaking out about his charges. Stier was allegedly caught trying to solicit sex with someone he thought was a 14 year old girl but turned out to be members of the vigilante group "Bikers Against Predators".

"It was more or less about time he got caught," said Brandon Norris, who was a student of Stier when he was teaching at Niles High School. "It was really sickening and disgusting that a teacher of all people would do such a thing."

Norris says Stier's alleged behavior was no secret to people living in the Niles community.

"He would say inappropriate things to females and they wouldn’t come to the class," said Norris. "They would rather take zeroes."

Norris says multiple complaints were made to administration at Niles High School but nothing was done. Niles Community schools released a statement late Thursday afternoon reading:

    "At Niles Community Schools, the safety and well-being of our students is and will always be our first priority. After a thorough review, we have not found any complaints against the teacher in question, who has not worked for the district in nearly 10 years."

Norris says he's grateful still that Stier's charges may mean he will never be able to step into a classroom again. 

"The relief is it’s a good thing that he got caught, finally, and I hope he gets the max."

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