Tattoo artist denied daughter's career day visit

CLEARWATER, Fla. -- A Florida dad was denied a visit on a career day.

Parents at the school said they don't want a tattoo artist sharing what they call his "alternative lifestyle," with their kids.

He said he practices a legitimate business and has every right to share his experience at his daughter's middle school career day.

After all of the complaints, the school's principal banned him from career day.

The principal, who admits to having tattoos and piercing himself, said his decision is not personal, but politically correct.

"The parents are closed-minded and don't want their kids to know these things," said Walter Smith. “This is an art and that’s just it. I make a living.”

The career day is a part of a program called the “Great American Teach-In”. The school district said it stands behind the principal's decision.


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