The stroke of midnight

 I admit it.  I am a total nerd.  I love to read.  And, my favorite genre is children's literature.  One of my favorite places in the world is the library (the best one is in Oakwood, Ohio).  My mom is an elementary school teacher, so I have an "in" to what the kids are reading these days.

Many of my favorite books have come at the suggestion of my mom, or her students.  Most recently, The Hunger Games series was brought to my attention.  And, those books are AMAZING!  

There is nothing quite like being so engrossed in a book that you literally think about it from the moment you wake up through your dreams at night.  I love and loathe the feeling of finishing a book.  There is always a sense of happiness surrounded by a bittersweet feeling of loss in my stomach knowing that it is over.  That is part of the reason that I am always looking for the next great book to read.

And, I have not even mentioned the movies, which was the whole point of this blog!  I am one person who enjoys seeing movies of the books I have read.  It always interests me to see if the way I pictured something is the same way others did.  I like to read the book first, though.  That way, I already have an idea of how the characters look and sound.  Last night was the midnight premiere of The Hunger Games, and it was great.  I am tired today, but it was worth it.

Why, year after year, do crazy kids (of all ages) stay up until the early hours of the morning to see a movie a few hours before everyone else?  What is the appeal?  Is it really just so no one will be able to ruin it for them?


It is the experience.  It is the feeling of being surrounded by a room of people who are just excited as you are about the movie you are about to see.  Everyone is sacrificing hours of sleep to be in that place and with those other people.  

This was not my first time at the rodeo.  I will admit, that I did see many of the Harry Potter films at midnight.  After each one, I had a funny story to tell about something that happened in the theater.  Not in the movie, in the theater.  This is the only time I have been to a movie when people cheer seeing characters.  It is the only time when people voice their opinions about the previews and clap during the credits.  

I love it.  And, I cannot wait for the next midnight showing.

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