Thieves break open over 70 storage units at Great Lakes Mini Max Storage

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. -- The Great Lakes Mini Max Storage on State Road 23 is protected with barbed wire, but that didn’t stop thieves from breaking into more than 70 storage units early Tuesday morning. 

Surprisingly not much was missing, which has victims and cops wondering what the thieves were actually looking for.

One victim told ABC 57 News when county police responded, they found electronics and belongings laying on the ground and 74 units broken into.

"One lady, she was crying because her computer got wet in the rain all night,” said victim Dave. “You could tell she worked really hard for it and now she has to replace some of the stuff.”

The victim said Great Lakes immediately called the owners of the property to get their belongings and they worked hard all day to replace the doors that were kicked in as well as the locks.

The victim said his family mementos were just fine, but some people weren't as lucky.

Great Lakes does have cameras up. We were told the County Police reviewed the surveillance tapes and saw three guys in ski masks.

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