This November makes top four for snowfall

November had its fair share of wild weather days. Some days were in the 50s with sunshine, while others had wind chills below zero. To say the least, it was a cold month and also one of the snowiest Novembers on record.

On average, November usually has 4.1" of snow. This month, we nearly quadrupled that average and had a total of 19.1". The greatest 24-hour snowfall this month was November 13, contributing 12.3" to the overall total. 

The largest snowfall amount during the month of November was in 1977 with a total of 30.3". This month is now in 4th place for the largest amount of snowfall for November! 


1) 30.3" 1977

2) 23.4" 1951

3) 21.6" 1976

4) 19.1" 2014

5) 16.3" 1971

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