Three trains collide in Porter County

PORTER COUNTY, Ind. -- We have received reports that three trains have collided in Porter County, just to the west of LaPorte County.

ABC 57's Jaclyn Kelley is on her way to the scene to find out more.

Another ABC affiliate station, ABC 7 out of Chicago, is already on the scene in their news chopper. Here is a look at some of the video they are streaming live from their web channel.


As you can see in the video, it appears that two separate trains were headed eastbound.

The second train was a CSX train carrying tankers.

The other train was a freight train heading westbound, carrying Hamburg Sud.

The CSX train ran into the back of the other train.

As you can see from the video, dozens of cars are derailed and littering the crash site.

There are also reports of a chemical spill caused by the crash.

We are working to have more details for you, and will have updates on this situation as soon as they become available.

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