Tree falls on home in Buchanan during Monday night's storm

NOW: Tree falls on home in Buchanan during Monday night’s storm

BUCHANAN, Mich. -- A family is cleaning up their property after a tree fell on their house during Monday night's storm.

The tree fell on the home at N. Cayuga Street and W. Third.

“We heard this big boom and the crack in fire started in the road. And so we call 911, and went outside and started looking around and then when the firemen got here they were the ones that told us we had also had tree down on the back of our house," owner Suzie Hipshear said.

Hipshear said they recently replaced the roof on the home, so the damage was disappointing.

“When we found out there was one on the back of our house we were pretty sad because we just got a new roof and we've been trying to fix everything up," Hipshear said.

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