Triplets graduating from Penn High School share their secrets for success

Summer is upon us, graduation day is here for thousands of Michiana students.

Most graduating seniors will attest, it wasn't easy. The long road of K-12 is behind them and now the future awaits.

ABC57 is spotlighting three Michiana teens. Three out of 868 graduating from Penn High School, connected for their entire lives, who have turned their hard work into real results.

Meet the Doshi Triplets.

Emma, Nathan and Sydney are graduating from Penn High School, all with a 3.9 GPA a or higher.

Their mom, Raenelle Hamilton, said they've been goal motivated and regimented, right from the start.

“They were premature, they were born at 6 months, they spent some time in the NICU and when they came home were on a regimented schedule and we just kept them on that," said Hamilton.

Emma is heading to West Virginia University to major in forensic science.

“I really love crime shows and stuff and I realized I could actually do a career in forensic,” said Emma Doshi.

Nathan is heading off to West Point Military Academy where he will major in mechanical engineering.

“I'm looking to fly branch aviation out of West Point." said Nathan Doshi.

Sydney is going to Purdue University to study veterinary medicine.

“I really loved animals, I loved being around them and that made me want to go into this career,” said Sydney Doshi.

They said getting to this point wasn't easy and they do have some important advice for other students looking to succeed in school.

“I would say, don’t procrastinate that was probably one of my biggest issues—procrastinating work and being overwhelmed with all of it at once," said Sydney.

Ask for help if you need it, don’t suffer on your own.

“I really had that problem, I took calculus and I did not do well, I figured I had to ask for help and I had to figure that out,” said Nathan.

And find a support network.

“Find someone or a group of people in each of your classes to help you study and you can have study groups, it really helps to study with other people,” said Emma.

Now they're all going to be living in separate states, ready to take on the world.

Their mom says it all hasn't really hit her yet that they're leaving home, but she does have one major worry.

“My only fear is when they graduate in four years, that all three of them are going to graduate on the same day!” said Hamilton.

Congratulations to all the graduates!

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