TSA will be testing new technology for airport security in Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.—According to the Federal Security Director for Indiana, Aaron Batt, The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is testing new technology at Indianapolis International Airport that could speed up the process and improve security.

TSA Officers were trained on Wednesday as to how to use credential authentication technology.

The technology will allow officers to insert a government issued I-D into a scanner.

The I-D will appear on a monitor and will show any irregularities including if the I-D has expired.

The Information will also connect to the reservation system, so a boarding pass will not be necessary to move through security saving time in the process.

TSA allegedly believes the technology will help locate travelers with fake identification.

Aaron Batt says,"They all have different security capabilities to them and features to them, and for humans, you can know where many of those are, but you'll never be as good as a piece of technology and computer system."

The launch is expected by Thanksgiving for TSA pre-check customers.

It is also being tested at five additional airports.

If effective, TSA would like to expand it to all airports within four years.

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