Twittersphere reacts to #RFRA

Here are just some of the Tweets popping up this morning from across Indiana and the nation.

@ali tweeted, "I support gay marriage, I'm anti-discrimination, and I believe in religious liberty laws that strengthen our First Amendment rights."

@heatherkmaddox, "For the record-I love Indiana. This is a great place with great people-which is exactly why #RFRA makes me so upset. #weareindiana."

But not everyone is against this bill. There are tweets from supporters, like this one, from @family4christ who says, "Stay out of the path to religious freedom. You probably don't want to earn God's wrath. #supportindiana #supportarkansas #RFRA"

And @bluechill17 tweeted, "#RFRA why is it gays can call conservatives names, slander us because our faith offends them yet we can't say no to them?"

And this debate is actually getting so heated that people are posting threats over social media.

One Hoosier posted on Facebook, "Leave Governor Mike Pence alone! I will come for you."
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