Burglary investigations underway in Mishawaka

NOW: Burglary investigations underway in Mishawaka

MISHAWAKA, Ind.--- Reports of three break-ins and burglaries were reported to police in Mishawaka Monday afternoon. The burglaries happened within a short radius of one another.

The first break-in occurred around noon on East Fourth Street, where the suspect took off with multiple items. Another burglary happened on Oak Street about 40 minutes later.

The third break-in occurred on the 300 block of Edgewater Drive. The homeowner said her house was ransacked after she briefly stepped out to take her dog to the vet. When she returned home she said her house had been broken into and she proceeded to call 9-1-1.

“When the police officers showed up they walked through my house and I found out that the person had gained entry up some back stairs on the second floor of my home,” the homeowner said. "And completely ransacked all of the bedrooms, took a lot of very personal jewelry that was specific heirlooms from my mother.”

Belongings ranging from jewelry, electronics, and gift cards were taken from the residence. The woman said the crime hit home and made her fear for her safety.

“I always felt very safe in this house and to be honest we do have an alarm system and to be honest I didn’t set it because I was leaving," the homeowner stated. "I sort of felt this person was maybe watching my house and saw me leave. And that gives me a pause that maybe I’m not as safe as I thought I was.”

The family living in the home that was targeted said Mishawaka Police found fingerprints on items in the house, but no arrests have been made at this time.

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