Urban legend no more: New-vintage Chevys up for auction

PIERCE, Neb.-- A collection of vintage Chevy cars and trucks are going up for auction. They've been stored for more than fifty years and some of the new-vintage cars have fewer than 10 miles on them.
Organizers of the auction are looking to attract car lovers from around the world to Pierce, Nebraska.

When you open the doors to Lambrecht Chevrolet Company, it's like a step back in time.

"It's pretty amazing everything is just how it was," said Yvette VanDerBrink, auction organizer.

Books stacked on the counter and car parts in the stock room, not much has changed since Ray and Mildred Lambrecht closed their Pierce, Nebraska, dealership 17 years ago. 

If you head past the clutter and into the old showroom, that's where the stuff urban legends are made of.

The automotive time capsule is so rare and valuable it's hard to believe it actually exists.

This collection has been an urban legend for years.

During his 50 years in the business, Ray Lambrecht sold a lot of Chevys out of this corner dealership in town.

"He loved to sell cars and his slogan was, 'It pays with Ray," said VanDerBrink.

While Ray loved to sell cars, he didn't like to sell old ones.

"He wanted them to buy the latest and greatest from Chevrolet and I believe that is part of the reason that he would hold back inventory," said VanDerBrink.

So when customers would trade in, often he wouldn't resell the older cars.

The newest models would always get a prominent place in the showroom window. The brand new, but year-old models he'd keep. That's how Ray's collection grew.

"That's what makes this collection so rare is that there are so many new old vehicles in one spot," said VanDerBrink.

There are about 50 vintage vehicles that have never been sold, titled, or even driven.

"These are his babies. This is a 401k. This is what's going to take care of them in their older years and like any collector I've worked with these are their children and they mean a lot to them," said VanDerBrink.

But you've got to look past the years of dirt and dust. Underneath, you'll find the true beauty of these hidden treasures.

"These are so rare and there's no comparison to something like this," said VanDerBrink.

This '58 Cameo pickup truck with one mile on it is incredibly rare.

This '64 Chevy Impala is a real cherry. Just 11 miles logged on her odometer, the original plastic covers the seats, and the yellowed window sticker still shows what she'd cost you if you bought her new 50 years ago.

This is a car lover's dream come true.

But Ray's collection doesn't stop at the old, corner dealership. Head outside of town to this empty field and the urban legend gets bigger and better.

Hidden in the trees are more amazing automobiles. About 450 more. Corvairs, Bel Airs, Chevelles, Biscaynes.  Some are brand new with one mile on them, others are a little bit more used.

"Maybe they've seen some Nebraska weather they have some interior conditions or they may have some rust on them," said VanDerBrink.

And they are all up for auction. Every single piece of the Lambrecht Chevy collection could be yours.

"I got a lot of e-mails when this first broke, 'Is this real? Is this real? Is this fake?'  But, no, this is real.  She's right here," said VanDerBrink.

And she's been hiding underneath this crumbling ceiling long enough.

"This car right here isn't doing anybody any good. It needs to be loved and in a collection and enjoyed. So it's time for them to go to a new home."

Organizers are expecting between 8,000 to 10,000 people to attend the auction.

Everything will be sold "as is."

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