Vandalism continues to affect downtown businesses

NOW: Vandalism continues to affect downtown businesses

South Bend, Ind. - At least 7 South Bend businesses were vandalized over the weekend with graffiti. 

Police say that the vandalism was not gang-related and business owners say that the graffiti is nothing new. We talked with a project manager at a local business who told us this type of vandalism has actually been happening for 20 years!

“It’s always been a problem. It’s difficult to prosecute or get the authorities involved because it’s so random and there are so many different people that are doing this type of activity," Mark Keiser, who works downtown, said

Although Keiser says that his business usually covers the graffiti, Ken Garcia with the South Bend Police Department says that businesses can call South Bend Venues, Parks, and Arts, or VPA, to have graffiti removed. 

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