Victim of stolen car speaks out about incident

NOW: Victim of stolen car speaks out about incident

ELKHART, Ind.-- An Elkhart woman is trying to get her life back on track after a friend, who was potentially on meth, stole and totaled her car 5 days later in a different county!

Adelle Mechling is a 23-year-old, single mom who works 40 plus hours a week just to try and keep the lights and heat on.

After a lifetime of overcoming her own battles—she is now being faced with a collection bill of nearly $4,000 and all because she wanted to help out a friend.

Adelle’s world was turned upside down Friday, January 17th after a harrowing encounter, “I mean I am definitely traumatized by this.”

Now, she sleeps on pins and needles, “I now keep my truck keys on me even when I sleep they’re physically attached to me.”

And it’s all because, “He was just a friend who needed a ride?” “Yup.”

On Thursday night, Mechling invited her friend to come over to her place in Elkhart to get away from his many roommates.

After hanging out and falling asleep—Mechling thought it was a normal visit until, “He’s not here and that’s when I noticed my front door was open.”

But she soon realized her friend wasn’t the only thing missing, “and I look out the window and my car is gone.”

Along with Mechling’s gaming consoles, debit cards, driver’s license, and social security card.

Mechling told the Elkhart county sheriff’s department that her car and belongings were stolen— and it was until, Wednesday morning, 5 days later, that Niles Police Department shed some light.

Mechling remembers, “I got a text saying we found your car and I was alike okay alright and the officer goes no it’s totaled.”

After arriving to the scene, police told Mechling her car had been smashed into a telephone pole.

Then Mechling began to go through her car and saw the mess, “I was finding you know syringes locks jewelry boxes trash lots of trash.”

And even a passenger who was hurt by the airbags!

However her friend was nowhere to be found.

And now that he has had her keys for a week—going home isn’t an option yet.

If you are interested in helping Adelle, click on this link to her Go Fund Me page.

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