Weather service issues warnings for Lake Michigan

NEW BUFFALO, Mich. -- The National Weather Service has issued a special warning about high winds and rip currents along Lake Michigan's shoreline. That hazardous beach outlook will remain in place until late Wednesday evening.

In just the past few hours, the winds have gotten stronger and the waves higher in New Buffalo.

Even though the waves are getting bigger, a few daredevils got into the water.

Conditions at the beach aren't ideal, but vacationers like David Styler are determined to enjoy it anyway.

"I could spend all day out here and never go in the water, just looking at it. Just reading a book or chilling out, and not doing anything,” said Styler.

Some people don't share his mentality though.

Every year, dozens drown in Lake Michigan; underestimating rip currents.

A death hasn't occurred at this beach in over three years, but lifeguards are warning people to be careful regardless.

"When you're looking at the water, and it looks kind of sketchy. Be smart. Don't go in past your waist,” said Carter Perry, New Buffalo Lifeguard.

Swimmers aren't the only ones who should use caution. Boaters can find themselves needing help as well.

"The lake is very unforgiving,” said Rich Lenardson of Great Lakes Towing.

LENARDSON says his tow company is keeping busy.

He's seen a number of accidents these past few weeks, most of which were preventable.

"Boaters are hitting piers, hitting seawalls and crashing onto the beach. Or they're not anchoring their boat down properly when they go to swim on the beach, and then we get a little bit of a blow like this, and their boat ends up on the beach with them,” said Lendardson.

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