Woman hit by PHM school bus in Mishawaka

NOW: Woman hit by PHM school bus in Mishawaka

MISHAWAKA Ind.---A 63-year-old woman was hit by a Penn-Harris-Madison school bus Tuesday morning around 8:30 a.m.

The woman’s name is Joanne Hibner and she was hit by the bus as she was crossing Fulmer Road.

Residents say Hibner walks along the same route daily to run errands. Many people in the community said she is a sweet woman and they are saddened by the incident. One woman says she’s shaken up.

 “It’s horrifying. I mean I’m all shook up and I’m still shook up,” said Starla Gray, a cashier at a gas station nearby. “I’m about to go home and just sit down and try to relax and just forget about this thing that happened. It was just horrible.”

The Fatal Alcohol Crash Team (FACT) was on the scene investigating because of the nature of the accident and injuries involved. As of right now the case is being treated as an accident.

According to FACT, the 56-year-old bus driver did not see Hibner crossing the street as she made a right turn.

People who work in the area said too many accidents and potential accidents happen at that intersection. A couple of people said the bus driver made a turn on a red light.

Although the bus was allowed to turn on red, community members said signs need to be put up so vehicles can no longer make turns at a red light. ABC57 reached out to the City of Mishawaka to inquire about community members concerns, but no response has been received at this time. 

There were 25 children from Grissom Middle School on the bus at the time, fortunately, no one on the bus was injured and they were all taken back to school. Counselor's were available for student support. 

Officials said Hibner was taken to Memorial Hospital in stable to serious condition for surgery.

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