Zoo, golf course prepare for sunny Saturday in South Bend

Some South Bend businesses are counting on the warm weather to bring the weekend crowds in.

The Potawatomi Zoo relies on sunshine to operate.

“I'm sure it will be very crowded this weekend since we have wonderful weather coming up,” zookeeper Gretchen Pitzer said. 

Pitzer is prepping the animals, including two brand new painted dogs, to see lots of new faces as the weather improves.

“The dogs will be interested. They like watching people as much as people like watching them,” Pitzer said.

If the animals become too overwhelmed by crowds or heat, they have special areas in their confinement to hide out.

Blackthorn Golf Course, which is under new ownership this year, is already booked for Saturday.

“For everyone who hasn't dusted off their clubs yet, this is definitely the weekend to do it,” Ben Mesaros, director of golf, said.

It takes more than just prepping the carts to ensure a hole in one for a full day of golfers.

“We go through a lot of range balls. A lot of people come out and hit balls. We have someone constantly picking the range,” Mesaros said. 
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