INDOT hosts virtual job fair

NOW: INDOT hosts virtual job fair

SAINT JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind.— Virtual job fairs seem to be the future for many businesses including the Indiana Department of Transportation.

With their busy summer season on its way INDOT is working to fill 100 jobs in the Northwest District while keeping to social distancing guidelines.

“There are a lot of people that have lost their jobs and are looking right now” says Public Relations Director of INDOT’s Northwest district, Cassandra Swanson “and they can’t go to a lot of places to apply and so this brings it to them instead.”

The fix: a virtual job fair essentially giving those who applied the ability to learn about the jobs available, the work environment, and other questions they might have all in one place for one specific agency.

This solution is not only due to the coronavirus as INDOT held a virtual job fair in 2018 for 400 potential workers and this streamlines the process and keeps everyone safe.

“Having in person interviews is more tough now some people aren’t sure what they should do, should I apply for a job should I not” says Swanson “INDOT is considered essential so we intend to continue our work we have so our positions are going to remain for the foreseeable future.”

Realizing the hiring climate right now— INDOT is opening up virtual hiring for jobs like summer seasonal state workers, highway techs, equipment mechanics, and construction engineers, to give hope to those in need of jobs now and later in the year.

“Obviously summer is a very busy time for us [INDOT] and we need more people than we do the rest of the year” says Swanson “and so we have some positions that could be more long term for people looking for something like that.”

High availability and move ability is music to many peoples ears as we go through this unknown time where finding lasting, essential work has not been easy.

“Just to be able to have a job and have that income and be able to go back to their previous jobs afterwards so we are hoping that will fill a big gap for people right now” says Swanson “we want to provide something to them in the mean time, obviously we need some seasonal workers not everyone will be coming on full time and staying with us the entire year.”

INDOT is working on a specific date for the virtual fair and will open the applications to attend soon.

For any questions in the mean time there is more information on INDOT’s website.

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