Buttigieg rallies supporters in hours before Iowa caucuses

NOW: Buttigieg rallies supporters in hours before Iowa caucuses

After more than a year of campaign stops and town hall meetings all across Iowa, it's now up to the voters. Any of the candidates could come out on top Monday night, including former Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

Buttigieg spent most of Monday mobilizing his supporters.

Adults, teenagers, even babies teething on campaign buttons joined the Pete for America team to help get out the caucus vote.

“Everything’s coming down to today. All of the debates, all of the appearances, all of the conversations friends, neighbors, all the miles that you put on the road," Buttigieg told his supporters.

Buttigieg has 82 'get out the vote' operations across Iowa.

Experts say an organized ground game is vital to success in the caucuses.

Despite slipping in the polls recently, Buttigieg remains very optimistic.

“The most powerful thing of all, even though we have a powerful message and we’ve got the right ideas to take this country forward, the most powerful thing is for you to tell your story. You are the world‘s expert in whatever it is that motivated you to feel that hope that brought you through these doors and into this effort. And I’m asking you to bottle up one more time and take it to everyone who will listen," Buttigieg said.

Buttigieg is encouraging Iowans, and the entire nation, to move past the divisive politics and try someone new to take over the fractured country.

“We will build the American majority to make us feel really good about our future. That famous day the sun comes up and Donald Trump is no longer president. I’m proud of you and let’s make sure we got a lot to celebrate tonight," Buttigieg said.

After attending 55 town hall meetings in the last three weeks, Buttigieg admits he is exhausted, but he’s hoping a huge turnout could propel him on to New Hampshire and beyond.

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