Demolition proves to be a problem in downtown Elkhart

NOW: Demolition proves to be a problem in downtown Elkhart

ELKHART, Ind.- Necessary demolitions in downtown Elkhart have proven problematic for local businesses.

The vacant building on South Main Street was deemed structurally unsound over a year ago.

After monitoring the building, the City of Elkhart decided to demolish the property in October.

The demolitions have caused road closings through downtown, blocking off some of the main roads including Main Street and Lexington Avenue.

Despite Main Street parking and sidewalks remaining open, the road closings have made it difficult for people to access the downtown businesses that are staying open through the demolitions.

Jenny Weaver, owner of The Moringa Tree restaurant downtown, said, “The majority of our business is lunch time, which people need to get in and get out really quickly so if they can’t get down the street and park quickly and eat and go then they’re just going to go somewhere else so we have noticed a pretty decrease in sales because of it.”

All roads are expected to reopen by November 20, and Lexington Avenue to Jackson Boulevard is expected to reopen October 30.

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