Father of 3 children killed in Logansport fire died separately - on the same day

LOGANSPORT, Ind. -- The father of three of the children who were killed in a fire in Logansport Wednesday morning was found dead at a home 25 miles away a few hours later.

Daniel Hite was found dead just after 4 a.m. at a home on Lincoln Drive in Flora, Indiana.

His three children died a few hours earlier in a fire at 4317 Pottawatomie Point Road in Logansport, along with their mother, Brandi Vail.

A neighbor called 9-1-1 just after 1:45 a.m. Wednesday after discovering the fire. A total of six people, including Vail and her three children, died in the fire.

The house did not have working smoke detectors. The fire is believed to have been caused by an electrical issue, but further investigation is difficult due to the destruction of the home by the fire.

Daniel Hite's death is a strange coincidence, according to the Indiana State Police. He is not believed to be involved in the fire in any way.

His cause of death has not been released but is not believed to be suicide or homicide.

The following people died in the fire:

  • Brandi Vail, 25  (mother of Marshall, Rhylie and Swayzee)
  • Marshall Hite, 3 months (Brandi and Daniel's child)
  • Rhylie Hite, 1 year-old (Brandi and Daniel's child)
  • Swayzee Hite, 3 years-old (Brandi and Daniel's child)
  • Joseph Huddleston, 42 (married to Sheila)
  • Kadee Huddleston, 10 (Joseph's daughter)

Escaped with non-life threatening injuries

  • Sheila Huddleston (Joseph's wife, Brandi's mother)
  • Brandon Huddleston (Joseph's son)

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