Local improvements project hosts ribbon cutting

NOW: Local improvements project hosts ribbon cutting

SOUTH BEND, Ind.- The third phase of the Western Avenue Streetscape Improvement Project officially reached completion with a ribbon cutting event on Wednesday.

The improvements took four months to complete and included new curbs, sidewalks, lighting, and landscaping.

Interim Executive Director of Community Investment, Jitin Kain, said the improvements are, “extremely important for small businesses development. We’re seeing that as a result as the cities investment in curbs and sidewalks and streetscapes and making it more pedestrian friendly and walkable adds to the business environment.”

This part of the project took place on a four-block section of Western Avenue between Falcon and Dundee Streets and added to improvements already completed on Western Avenue between Dundee Street and Bendix Drive in 2015 and between Bendix Drive and Olive Street in 2017.

In addition to the improvements, two new businesses also had their ribbon cutting events.

David Nufer, the President of Burton’s Laundry, one of the new business on the block that was improved, agreed with Kain saying, “It’s just a great atmosphere to do business. It brings the neighbors in compliance with some different things and it helps build the neighborhood in the direction we want to see as a business owner.”

The streetscape improvements are part of implementation of the West Side Main Streets Plan to create an environment more inviting to commercial and residential investment.

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