Summer's Spotlight: Macri's Italian Bakery preparing for Easter rush

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- Easter is just 6 days away, how are you celebrating?

As those 40 days and 40 nights of Lent draw to a close right along with many people's Lenten promises--celebrating with sweet treats is on everyone's mind.

Macri's Italian Bakery is already filling preorders this Holy Week!

There is a large variety of special Easter treats just made this time of year including:

- Lamb Cake (yellow pound cake with buttercream frosting)

- Chocolate Delights with special Easter decor

- Bunny sugar cookies

- Easter bread

- Along with specially themed cupcakes and other desserts.

If you are hoping to leave the cooking of Easter dinner to someone else to focus on celebrating safely, Macri's is also offering take home meals that can be picked up and heated at home!

You can pre order the desserts as well as the meal options online at the Macri's Italian Bakery website or by calling in at (574)-282-1010.

All items must be picked up by close Saturday evening--the bakery is closed this upcoming Sunday in light of Easter.

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